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Deity worship at home is meant to intensify one’s faith in Krishna and the devotional process, thus the entire home becomes Krishna conscious. Top help you with your Janmastami celebrations this year, ISKCON GBC SPT with ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry has compiled a list of resources to assist and support your Deity worship endeavors at home settings.

“The transcendental form of the Lord installed in a temple is not different from the Lord personally. Such a form of the Lord is called arca incarnation, and is expanded by the Lord by His internal potency just to facilitate the devotional service of His innumerable devotees who are in the material world.”


(Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.11.24, Purport)

THE Temple IN OUR HeartS (pdf)

A systematic guidebook compiled by the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry to guide you through serving your Deities and celebrating Janmastami at home graciously.

Visit the ISKCON Deity Worship MInistry for resources to support your home worship

ISKCON Deity Worship MInistry (VIDEO Channel)

Visit the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry official video channel to access videos on everything from garlands to mantras.

Sraddha Kutir


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