Dear devotees,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The GBC Strategic Planning Team (GBC SPT) is looking for devotees to join our team and take on responsible, professional service in several key areas.

If you or someone you know would like to be part of a highly dynamic, forward looking team dedicated to helping manifest Srila Prabhupada’s brilliant future for all of ISKCON, then read on to know more.

There have been many lessons from the current pandemic, and one of the most important for our movement is understanding the power of the internet to connect us and keep us informed, educated and enlivened.

At the start of the pandemic in March, the GBC SPT expanded its team, adding devotees from all over the world with various areas of expertise to work on providing the worldwide ISKCON family with resources to deal with the extraordinary challenges of this time. 

Since then we have been using a full range of online channels – website, social media, email and others – to reach the ISKCON world with inspiring, informative and useful content.

The supportive feedback we’ve received has been very encouraging and we now want to expand even further in both the quantity and quality of our communications efforts. 

And, to serve the more long-term needs of devotees, particularly in the area of spiritual support, we want to develop a powerful online learning community with full featured courses on a wide range of devotional topics.

To build our capacity to achieve these objectives we are searching for qualified devotees to join our team, and take up different specialized positions. 

We have identified a number of key services and anticipate more. The current positions required are listed below with links to the Position Guides which give a general description of the service

These guides also list the preferred skills and qualifications. And we are open to help devotees, especially amongst our youth,  who have the right aptitude, to acquire these skills through self-study.

In each of these guides you will also find the expected time anticipated to serve in that position. This ranges from just 2  to 4 hours per week to a full-time service. 

Although we are especially looking for volunteers, we are also open to providing devotees with a modest stipend to help them in covering their maintenance needs.

To apply for one or more of these positions please use our online form by clicking on the link below.

And, if you have an idea for a service you would like to do that is not listed, go ahead and use our application form and let us know.

After reviewing the submissions we will contact potential team members to have an interview and explore further.

There is so much opportunity to serve ISKCON through the channels that we are developing and so we are eager to bring more devotees on board as soon as possible.  Thus, we ask you to submit your application online as soon as possible.

And if you know of someone who could be interested in serving with the GBC SPT, please share this with them or ask them to contact us.

Our work together over the last eight months has inspired us with a greater sense of the urgent need to take advantage of the benefits of modern communications technology to serve ISKCON and its mission. If you would like to join our efforts please take a few minutes to review the positions listed here and submit your details through the online form.

We hope this meets you in good health, staying safe and blissful in Krishna consciousness,

Your servant,

Pancharatna das

on behalf of the GBC Strategic Planning Team


Please click on the position to read the full description of the position along with preferred skills and qualifications and time commitments.

(Please click on this link to apply for any of the above positions)