The Devotee Care Education is an initiative of the ISKCON GBC Devotee Care Committee aimed at systematically disseminating knowledge about devotee care through both online and offline means across the length and breadth of ISKCON.  From a humble beginning in 2011, the Devotee Care Education Initiative has manifested into a multi-faceted platform covering periodic newsletters, 40+ online and on site training programs conduced globally, knowledge repositories and formation of functional committees in various aspects of devotee care. 

The Vaishnava Sevā initiative is part of the Devotee Care Education aimed at capturing the best practices concerning various aspects of devotee care within ISKCON. As part of this initiative, we continue to invite senior leaders of our society to share their words of wisdom on various subjects of devotee care. Besides the online videos, the discussions have been duly transcripted and shall be soon available as a publication. Readers may find an extract of this upcoming publication here