Mumbai, India – Both the Maharashtra state government and the local municipality wanted the Bhaktivedanta Hospital to reserve 50 beds for patients infected with coronavirus – as there is a shortage of beds for treatment and isolation.

The Bhaktivedanta Hospital first decided to use its entire third floor for this, but, after further dialogue, the director, Madhavananda Das (Dr Ajay Sankhe), persuaded the government authorities to create a dedicated facility at the 300-bed Tembha Hospital, five kilometres North. Recognizing his expertise and confidence, they made Madhavananda director of the Tembha Hospiral and empowered him to recruit local private doctors and nurses at his discretion. Under his leadership, Bhaktivedanta Hospital will run the intensive care unit.

“Whatever Dr Sankhe decides,” the District Magistrate said, “the private doctors should follow. Whomever he calls , should report to Tembha hospital on duty.”