Dear Devotees,

As you have seen, we at the GBC SPT have spent the last 18 months working to bring informative, timely, and uplifting content via our multi channel platforms. This effort is born out of our sincere desire to serve the wonderful community of devotees within ISKCON particularly during this period of challenge and global turmoil brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a part of this effort we present you a booklet created by our team – Dealing With Covid-19 : A Krishna Conscious Perspective. Our aim is to provide you with uplifting and comforting words from our scriptures and our Founder Acarya along with simple but essential practical considerations for dealing with Covid-19. We provide this to foster hope, care and compassion amongst our worldwide community, as well as offer practical and simple steps to apply during these times.

We ask you to read and use this document and kindly share it with members of your community as well as friends and loved ones whom you may think would benefit from reading it.

We pray this meet you in good health and spirits
Your servants