Daṇḍavat-praṇāmas. Śrīla Prabhupāda kī jaya.

As some may recall, ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry offered its first online course last year which was targeted for North America. It was a great success, with many asking when we will offer it again. 

We’re pleased to announce today that we are launching again and just opened registration requests today. This course is for anyone and everyone connected to ISKCON who has an interest in learning about home worship. Both beginners who may have just connected via a Bhakti Vriksha program and are considering worshiping deities at home, as well as senior devotees will benefit from this online course. 

Please help support our communities and ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry by sharing the following link and/or social media poster with your friends, family, and congregations via your temple and personal media platforms.


Dāso ’smi,

Jayānanda dāsa

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