After the success of US Deity worship@Home online course IDWM is delighted to presenting this online course in the UK

• This in depth training covers the knowledge, skills and values required for the daily worship of deities in your home and introduces you to concepts that are applicable both in the home worship environment as well as the temple.

• You will be able to interact with students and facilitators and get feedback directly from the facilitators.

• There is a balance between the philosophical, theoretical and practical aspects of deity worship in your home. All the primary deity services will be demonstrated, such as: acamana, waking and putting the deities to bed, bhoga offering, arati, and bathing/dressing.

• You will also deepen your understanding of Srila Prabhupada’s books and teachings.

• By establishing a relationship with the Lord through His deity we can easily reawaken our dormant Krsna consciousness. By learning how to do the rituals of deity worship and understanding their function and purpose we can easily develop our loving relationship with the Lord.

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