(by Dr. Neeta Maheshwary, On behalf of ISKCON PRAHLADADESH)

Pakistan, as many other countries, faces a severe health crisis and resource-constraint. 

Many worried patients flock to hospitals and medical centres, worried about having coronavirus; but the risk of getting infected in these places is high.

Better and safer, when possible, is to offer home therapy.

ISKCON Prahladadesh (Pakistan) started the ISKCON Cares Online Consultations to lend a helping hand, providing medical services to people over the phone. This free online service is helping hundreds of people navigate their way through this pandemic.

Patients connect with us through different channels: phone, messages, video calls,, WhatsApp, etc. They can get minor illnesses treated at a distance, and saving themselves long queues and the danger of contracting COVID-19 at the overcrowded hospitals.

Six energetic doctors – two men and four women – treat a broad spectrum of diseases connected with their various specialities. These talented volunteers have already conducted some 250 consultation since 24 March 2020.

We want to help people in whatever way we can, within their homes. Patients have responded well to the education and treatment we provided. This initiative has been seen as a saviour for many during the lockdown.