Srila Prabhupada: “It is not that a devotee should take physical risk”

We still see some devotees not taking very seriously the precautions to avoid infection, as if they were offering “a challenge to the physical laws.” 

Let’s all remember what the Founder-Acarya told Bob Cohen in Mayapur, on 28 Feb 1972, within the talks that became the book Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers:

“So long you are in the material world, what is physical law, you cannot neglect that. Just like if you go to a jungle, there is tiger. It is known that it will attack you. Why should you voluntarily go and be attacked? It is not that a devotee should take physical risk so long he has got some physical body. It is not a challenge to the physical laws: ‘Oh, I have become a devotee. I challenge everything.’ That is foolishness.”