29th October, 2020,

Respected Maharajas and Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

As instructed by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja, this is an emergency update on the health of HH Bhakti Madhurya Govinda Goswami Maharaja,. Maharaja has not been keeping good health for quite a long time, but was in good spirits and continuing with his routine in the best manner possible. Nearly a couple of years back, he had been hospitalised in Bangaladesh and had recovered.

Recently his spinal cord condition had worsened . The doctors had however warned us that there is a high probability of Maharaja being paralysed in the event of a surgery, even if successful, and so Maharaja was briefed adequately that we ought to weigh both options and then decide. On Maharaja’s own preference, he was admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi, one of the most reputed health care institutions for a critical surgery on October 24th, 2020. The surgery was successful and the nerve blockage near the spine or Cervical Spondylitis was to have been addressed. However the worst of our fears has come true after the surgery as a clot has formed This is conflicting with Maharaja’s historical Cardiac problems . Maharaja is, as of now, unable to move both his arms and legs and the situation is critical. The doctor who operated upon and is treating Maharaja now, is a Gold Medallist Neurosurgeon and his efficient team of doctors is trying its best; however it appears that we have to now increasingly depend on the Supreme Doctor-Krishna. Please advise your community of devotees to pray intensely for Maharaja’s health.

HH Bhakti Madhurya Govinda Goswami Maharaja was initiated by His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in October 1968. He is one of the original 100 disciples of Srila Prabhupada and started one of ISKCON’s first university preaching programs at the University of San Francisco, California; later continuing university preaching at his former university, the University of California, Berkeley. He opened the Berkeley, California temple in 1969. He has managed several of the centers in the U.S. 

He received his sannyasa initiation in 2010, and is based out of the ISKCON Punjabi Bagh Temple in West Delhi- rendering invaluable services and inspiring the devotees there. He has also been travelling and preaching energetically despite his advancing age and deteriorating health in India and other parts of Asia. He is also deeply attached to his Jagannatha deities and the Nila Madhava deity and is known for carrying them everywhere. We have requested for a Sarva Vighna Vinasa Puja to Sri Sri Narasimha Deva at Sridham Mayapur for Maharaja’s health.

We request your overwhelming support to one of Srila Prabhupada’s dear disciples by praying to Lord Narasimha Deva and your respective local deities, that if They so desire, Maharaja may resume his active services to Srila Prabhupada at the earliest possible and continue his inspirational contributions to this movement. Hare Krishna.

On behalf of the Health Care Team

Rishi Kumara Das