This is Janette, Makhanacora’s spouse. Mark left his body Friday with a beautiful Hare send-off, thanks to KanhaiyaDas, Noble, daughter Jahnavi and son Will.

After the fall to cement, Krishna moved to take Mak relatively quickly _ 11 months, much of them engaged in a process with the hopeful prognosis of walking again. It was only in November, ‘20 when decline began. And even then, hope didn’t, not unril regular food was out. That was late March. Then, things got crunchy.

He became less interested in the worldly pleasures and spent the last couple of months bathing in all that is Krishna. He loved ‘Wisdom of the Sages’ for it’s earthiness … practiced religion rather than esoteric. We were soul mates on that front. Actually, on many others.

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