Dear Devotees,

A short live stream of the final rites ceremony of HH Bhakti Charu Swami
will start shortly. Quoting from the recent GBC EC announcement:

“Maharaja’s final rites will be performed on Sunday morning (Eastern US
time) at a local funeral home that especially caters to special requests.
After Maharaja’s body is bathed, dressed, and decorated with tilak and
auspicious item, the arati ceremony will be performed.”

Watch:   (BCS channel)
When:  Today Sunday 5th July

US PDT: 8.45am
US EDT: 11.45am
UK: 4.45pm
South Africa: 5.45pm
India: 9.15pm
Bangladesh: 9.45pm
Singapore: 11.45pm
Melbourne: 1.45am (6th July)

A confirmation will be issued again closer to the time, should the timing
vary slightly at the funeral home.

Your servants,
BCS Office