To facilitate Indian donors to support the Ukrainian devotees during this crisis, the GBC SPT has setup this payment channel through it’s US based non-profit. ISKCON Online.

GBC SPT will collect these donations and send it to the devotees who are managing the donations in Ukraine.

Steps to make the donation

Step 1 – Make sure your card is enabled for International Payments.

Generally, some banks enable it by default, but some banks, you need to enable either from the respective net banking portal or by approaching the respective bank and submitting an application for the same. Please contact your bank.

Step 2 – Click on the below “Donate Now” button and enter the amount and your personal details and your Credit/ Debit Card details

Step 3 – Press “Pay” button to proceed further and complete the donation process

You can use the link below to make donations:

Please Note – You can make payment on this channel using your Credit Card/Debit Card.  Please ensure that your card is registered for international payments.