(from Dandavats.com, 23 December 2020)

Tonight, my beloved disciple, “ISKCON’s Mother,” Rajani Priya Dasi (Rose Forkash), passed away in her home in Carpinteria, California. Three months ago, we were pleased to celebrate her one hundredth birthday at my ashram.

You can read about Rajani Priya—and hear from her—on my website: https://girirajswami.com/blog/?p=16347

In a room conversation on January 20, 1977, in Bhubaneswar, Ramesvara dasa and Srila Prabhupada discussed Rose and her daughter, Lila-sakti dasi:

Ramesvara: We have one mother in Los Angeles of a girl named Lila-sakti, who is a big book distributor. And her mother loves this movement so much that when the deprogrammers start debating us, she stands up and yells at them that “My daughter was on drugs, hippie, before she came to this movement. This movement has saved her. If I had known about this movement when I was a young girl, I would have joined this movement!” On television she is speaking like that, very strongly: “You have no right to criticize! You don’t know anything about this movement.” . . .  She says, “You just come over to my house for lunch and I’ll tell you all about this movement, how nice it is.” She started this club, Parents for Krishna.
Prabhupada: Oh, she is very sincere. And her daughter, this Lila . . .?
Ramesvara: Lila-sakti.
Prabhupada: She’s wonderful girl. She’s expert in everything.

Please join us in praying for Rajani Priya’s auspicious onward spiritual journey—back to Srila Prabhupada, back to Godhead.

Hare Krishna.

Yours in service,
Giriraj Swami