Living with Covid19

Ganga Devi Sheth a 32 year old (formerly) healthy woman & dancer who is on day 163 of having COVID-19. She has kindly agreed to share her experiences of what it means to live with COVID-19 for such a long time now.

She will be interviewed by Gopal Bhatta Das.

About Ganga Devi

Ganga Devi enriches her dance by combining the sacred disciplines of Odissi, yoga, and the Bhakti tradition into which she was born. Having immersed herself in the core aspects of South Asian Dance for over 20 years, she studied intensively under the direct guidance of the most renowned Odissi gurus of our era. Ganga Devi is a graduate of Odissi studies (2012), certified Dance in Medicine practitioner (2019) & yoga teacher (2010). She graduated with a BA in dance, training in Dance & Movement Therapy from the University of Florida (2019).