Lokanatha Swami has been conducting Zoom Japa sessions entitled Let’s Chant Together for over a year now. Devotees from more than 700 places chant together in the morning from 6 am to about 7 am IST. The 700 + places include temples, devotees homes and other places where sometimes 10/15 devotees are chanting from one place. So the number of devotees chanting together is easily over a thousand.

The session consists of Japa and a japa talk on Zoom. The japa talk is live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook. The transcription of the japa talk is made available in English, Hindi and Russian.

Since the lockdown the numbers have increased.

This japa and japa talk session is open to all and devotees from all over
the globe join this online conference.


Thank you.

Your servant,
Lokanath Swami