Rtadhvaja Swami, lovingly known as RT Swami, has personally trained hundreds of young adolescent bhakti youth for over 40 years. He embarked on spiritual adventures with a bus full of teenage boys, (The Summer Trip), travelling with them across the country for decades and is the inspiration behind Camp Ignite, The Sanga Initiative, and Youth Retreats and Tours across North America. He has eye-opening stories and awesome advice to give in solving many parenting dilemmas. Get ready with your questions!

Gopi Gita devi dasi, will be interviewing Maharaj. She serves as a Regional Representative for the ISKCON North American Ministry of Education. As the Vice Principal of TKG Academy, mother of two teenage sons and 2nd generation Gurukuli Alumni, she has much personal experience in raising their children with bhakti practices.

Sunday, May 17 at 12 PM Eastern US time, 9:30 PM India time

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