Just by the sight of you

Just by the sight of you

The fallen souls are purified

This is your great power

But where were you this morning?

After greeting Radha Madhava, you didn’t appear to greet Panca-Tattva

At the exact time 

Like you used to 

I came to the temple not only to see the Lord, but also to see you. 

Where were you this morning?

The same sun rose this morning 

But Mayapur will never be the same. 

You took away half. 

This morning, you weren’t on Narasimhadeva’s altar either. 

Next time I come back to Mayapur

No one will put the helmet on me, 

Whispering: ‘Welcome home’

I sent you an e-mail last night

Did you receive it?

Will you reply to me as usual?

Just by the sight of you

The fallen soul is purified 

This is your great power

I will never meet you  with Jananivasa Prabhu 

On the road 

You have taken away half 

You have taken away a Siksa Guru

A father

A family member, 

A perfect disciple

You left dedication, humility, kindness, joviality, and genuine purity and peace

And a tremendous crack in everyone’s hearts. 

And Jananivasa Prabhu’s. 

But when you see the Lord,


Tell him to keep Jananivasa Prabhu with us 

Mayapur will never be the same. 

The only thing I can tell myself is 

Life is short

But do I have time, to qualify myself 

To meet you again? 

When we meet

Will you put the helmet on me 

And whisper

‘Welcome home’

Your eternal Servants

Sacipriya Devi Dasi

Sri Radha Padmalaya 

Nama Krishna Das