(from HH Jayapataka Swami)

Prayers needed as some personal staff turn positive

I had some devotees, who were rendering personal service for me. They all stay together in the same room. Somehow they turned positive for the corona virus. And thus had to be retired for treatment. There was pre-occupation, that I might have got infected by them. So they tested me, but by Krsna’s mercy, I turned out to be negative. And so did the other persons serving me.

Please offer your blessings and prayers for the quick and full recovery of these devotees, who have been serving me very dedicatedly. Namely, Sri Deva Gauranga das, Taruna Gauranga das, Subhanga Govinda das, Purandara Krsna das, Patitapavana das, Iswara Vishwabhara das, Shyam Gaura Hari das, Prasanna Gauranga dasa.

(from morning announcement in Sri Vrndavan Dhama)

His Grace Amal Nandaraj Prabhu, disciple of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami from Dubai, is admitted in ICU in ventilator due to Covid 19. Before he got affected by the virus had the desire to visit Sri Vrindavan Dham. Please pray to Their Lordships that he may recover very quickly and visit Sri Vrindavan Dham