Message from HH Badrinarayan Swami below:

Hare Krishna;

The message below is from Sandamini dd, the president of the Tucson temple. It is a cautionary tale. We are far not out of the woods yet as far as Covid goes. This new variant, known as Delta, is far more contagious, much stronger, far more dangerous, and attack younger folks than the original version of Covid. The infection rate is really going to take off once the weather cools down and people start spending more time working and gathering indoors.

Your servant,

Badrinarayan Swami

Message from HG Sandamini Devi below:

Several devotees tested positive for covid so I am shutting down govindas starting tomorrow for 12 days. We will also cancel any public temple programs. We made it 1.5 years without a case but our time is up. Even a close congregation who was vaccinated tested positive. This wave is a heavy one. May Krishna protect us!

YS  Sandamini

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