Karuna Care Education – Right Use of Power – Course

Online | Paid | June 12 – July 3, 2021

People seeking help are in a position in which they must trust in the knowledge and guidance of their caregiver or guide. This results in a greater-than-ordinary vulnerability. Consequently, people are unusually susceptible to harm and confusion through misuses (either under- or overuse) of power and influence.

Stated another way, there is a power inequality whenever you take on a role that gives you authority over another or creates the perception that you have authority. Power differential roles include: supervisor, healer, coach, group leader, therapist, counselor, mediator, teacher, guru, temple president, preacher…

In talking about the power differential, it is necessary to clearly describe and distinguish between two kinds of power. This distinction is important because it makes clear that the increased power that accompanies a position of authority is role-based and not the same as personal power.

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