A poem by Bhaktimarga Swami


It was in the Puranic era
When so much excitement was in the air
For a great event was underway
A sacrifice with so much on display
With ingredients–ghee, grain, and fire
Intent to please the Creator’s desire
Attendees were sages, brahmins, gods from above
And others who appreciate this kind of cosmic love
Also present was a very special bull
Who takes personal care of Shiva in full
Shiva is the master of the world’s dissolution
A great yogi aloof from political pollution
At the ceremony there was mantra and sound
Dance and all good things to be found
All present there took to a comfortable seat
After a pleasant and very warm greet
However, at one point, all turned bitter
And a battle of words made it no better
Someone from the ranks had an axe to grind
Towards Shiva who’s of a gentler kind
Our story, a tale of an in-law sort
Tells of Shiva’s wife’s father, quite the bad sport
His name, Daksha, a progenitor of man
He came a guest of honour as was the plan
What happens to Shiva’s wife?
An intriguing question
A sorrowful tale of domiciliary rejection


Shiva returned home to meet Sati, his consort
Explaining of insults, of etiquette falling short
Lodged by Daksha; it left her in a quandary
That husband and father will never have camaraderie
She went on to meditate but her inner thought was broken
Goddesses in aerial travel caused urges to be awoken
The women were en route with their fine divine men
To destination–her father’s–for an event once again
Sati was so much hankering to go
But Shiva warned that friend will turn to foe
Confused by her love for him and familial affections
She departed in favour of daughterly attention
Daksha ignored and snubbed proving himself cold
She finally took a stance to be loud and scold
Intolerant of Daksha’s lack of human love
She invoked her yogic fire and died thereof
The news of the tragedy reached Shiva quite fast
With ire raised high he was prepared to blast
“That scoundrel who dared to stoop so low
Will receive a sharp cut at the neck” and so…


Then came the voice of
Brahma making a plea for peace
“To all gods and mortals may your fears all cease”
At the roof of the world stands great Mount Kailash
There sits Shiva in a setting simple not posh
Content that just desserts have played out
Yet grieving his loss it’s left him some doubt
Sati the heroine came to unite with her lord
Reincarnated as Mena it’s what she had implored
She’s the daughter of the great Himalayan king
Now marrying Shiva what joy that did bring
Daksha’s pride had been worn down
Appearing for a head was not a royal crown
A goat’s head made it to the top of the torso
He learned meekness in ways that were more so
A karmic reaction to a mistake on his part
Shiva’s feet became the target of his head and heart
Forgiveness is an item for which one should beg
It’s an option for one who’s on his last leg
Blessings of peace came from mortals and gods
A sacrifice resumed that challenged all odds

Hoping this finds you in the best of health and spirit.
Your servant,
Bhaktimarga Swami