Hare Krishna, dear devotees, 
Please accept my obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
The ISKCON GBC Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture is presenting a series of live interviews on its Facebook page featuring experts on different areas of Cow Protection and Agriculture, who have successfully lectured in Continental Farm Conferences in previous years. 
The aim of these interviews is to aid so many devotees willing to shift to a more natural lifestyle with tools to enhance their endeavors towards simple living high thinking. 
The first one, on July 8th, brought devotees from Italy and Guyana, who have been growing food for a living for many years. The next one will bring Thiago Barbosa, an expert Syntropic teacher who has been working with New Govardhan, Australia and started giving training in other ISKCON farms across the globe, through the Ministry.
Please watch and share with your friends!
Your servant, 
Madana Gopala dasi 
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