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Help Satyavardhana Prabhu’s family

“For many-many years, Satyavarthana Prabhu and Mataji Lena have hospitably arranged namahatas at their home. There is not a single devotee in the Khmelnytskyi Yatra who would remain indifferent to their warm welcome, delicious prasadam and deeply prayful kirtan. They were always so sincerely happy to have all the devotees at their place, they have so warmly received their guests. And whoever came to them, their faith incredibly strengthened.

However, trouble befell this family. Mataji Lena has gangrene now.

Mataji Lena has survived four operations. The doctors tried to save the leg, and by Krsna’s mercy, they succeeded. Now the situation is stable, but a very long rehabilitation is underway. Satyavarthana Prabhu cannot leave Mataji Lena to work in another city (he makes stone stoves and fireplaces and has orders in different locations), as she needs his physical help. Therefore, they still have no other sources of income besides our support.

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