(from ISKCON News, 18 December 2020)A devotee farmer near the Gita Nagari farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania, has received a Farm Ownership Loan from the USDA Farm Service Agency, which offers low rates to help new farmers buy farms. The program offers up to 100% financing on up to $600,000, and encourages people to take up farming and save farmland for future generations.Considering Srila Prabhupada’s many teachings advocating cow protection, food production and self-sufficiency, Gita Nagari’s leaders as well as ISKCON North America leaders are encouraging interested devotees to avail of the USDA program. While the program is available nationwide, Gita Nagari leaders say that those who purchase farms near the long-established Gita Nagari project will be able to draw support from its existing network and wealth of experience. 

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