We too have been considering that question! 

The GBC SPT has been carefully considering when to host the next ILS in Mayapur.  The news regarding the pandemic has been mixed.  In some ways things have gotten better, i.e. travel has become a bit easier, numbers are reportedly going down, and society in general is returning to some level of normalcy.  On the other hand, there are still cases on the rise in some places and requirements for travel are cumbersome, often expensive and travel abroad is not even possible in some areas of the world. For these and other reasons the idea of getting large groups of devotees together, in close contact, could be disconcerting to many. Covid is still a dangerous disease – we would not want the ILS to become a “super spreader” event.  

After considering all these things carefully the GBC SPT has decided to schedule the next live ILS event during the early months of 2023. We feel more confident that by 2023 the burning desire of devotees to come together to chant, associate and discuss how to spread Krishna Consciousness will provide a strong impetus to eagerly participate in a dynamic ISKCON Leadership Sanga in 2023. Furthermore, with Sri Krishna’s mercy, travel will be easier and the Covid situation more normalized.

While planning for ILS 2023 continues, it is important to keep the goals of ILS alive and continue to infuse ISKCON’s leadership with training and education. Since the GBC SPT has had great success in creating quality virtual media experience, during the gap year we will offer intermittent dynamic content to foster better understanding of Srila Prabhupada’s leadership strategies and other information that will assist ISKCON leaders in their service.  These will be broadcasts via our already established virtual channels. We hope you take advantage of “ILS -V” throughout 2022.

At this point, we cannot announce the exact date of the 2023 ISKCON Leadership Sanga because those dates must be coordinated with the GBC. We encourage you to go to ILSglobal.Org and pre-enroll so that you will be informed as plans for ILS 2023 take shape.

Your servants,

GBC Strategic Planning Team