(courtesy ISKCON News)

Today in the Noakhali District of Bangladesh, an ISKCON temple was attacked. We are currently awaiting an official statement from ISKCON Bangladesh regarding the incident. Preliminary reports state 18 people were injured in the attack, and at least one person is in serious condition in the hospital.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned the miscreants that after a thorough investigation they would be “hunted down and punished”.

There have been other attacks at different temples in Bangladesh as well. “The incidents in Comilla (Bangladesh) are being thoroughly investigated. Nobody will be spared. It doesn’t matter which religion they belong to.” PM Hasina stated.

The Prime Minister continued and said “Bangladesh is a land of communal harmony. Here, people of all faiths will live together and will practice their own religion,” PM Hasina stressed. “Religion is for individuals and festivals are for all and we enjoy every festival together.”

ISKCON News will be publishing more about this developing story as it continues.

Please Pray for the injured devotees, their community, and all of Bangladesh, Hare Krishna.

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