Deep Leap, a new Youtube series from Bhaktivedanta College of Radhadesh, Belgium, is responding to the “overwhelming need” amidst ISKCON devotees for applied philosophy, with authentic solutions to modern challenges. The series of short clips will deliver concise messages based on scripture and the examples of saintly persons, that viewers can apply practically in their lives.

As well as hearing about how the Acharyas and great saints in the Srimad-Bhagavatam practiced Krishna consciousness, the team behind Deep Leap feel that it will be helpful for devotees to hear examples of those successfully practicing spiritual life in the modern world, while facing all the challenges we don’t hear about in the Bhagavatam – such as the need for digital detox.

“Devotees need to hear more applied knowledge,” says Nityananda-kari Dasi, one of Bhaktivedanta College’s administrators. “They need to hear how those who have practiced Krishna consciousness in modern times for many years applied it in their lives, and how it made their lives better.”

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