Hare Krishna,

Greetings from ISKCON Chennai! We are delighted to announce that the registrations for the academic year 2021-22 for the weekly online classes of Bhakta Prahlad Siksha Samaj (BPSS) and Krishna Club programs have now started.

 *Visit the website to register:



BPSS caters to children of ages 6-12 years, while Krishna Club is for teenagers (13-17 years).


The theme for this year for both the programs is Guru-Shishya, where we will learn about the faith and surrender of outstanding disciples.

 *Special features

BPSS program for the children will include stories, slokas, bhajans, rhymes, art & craft, quiz & activities, non-fire cooking as well as virtual festival celebrations.

Krishna Club program for the teens will include stories, activities like debates & discussions, JAM sessions, role-play, and much more!

 *Languages offered

The majority of our BPSS classes are in English or Tamil. We have, however, added a few batches in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.

More information here: