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Bhaktivedanta Manor is proud to have so many of its community members who work in the health profession – – and on all levels. The below set of videos includes a variety of such devotees who, based on their knowledge and experience, offer their professional advise on how best to deal with the current challenges due to the Coronavirus. Physically, mentally and spiritually. We ask you to watch them carefully and share them widely.

The videos are a collaboration between devotee health professionals, mainly alumni of the Pandava Sena youth group and the management of Bhaktivedanta Manor. The human connection has been a huge part of the yatra and its community are missing the opportunity to connect. Bearing this and the multiple physical challenges posed to devotees in the UK and beyond, they decided to try and reach out in an alternative way by each sharing some advice.

Radha Mohan das
Bhaktivedanta Manor Communications Officer

Disclaimer: The above posting does not express the official position of the GBC Body and is solely the opinion of the author/s. The GBC Body does not give medical advice and neither does it encourage/discourage vaccinations or any other medical precautions or treatments.

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