Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The GBC SPT’s Strategic Planning Support unit (SPS) is at your service. Should you require assistance in strategizing how to deal with the current and future challenges you face due to Covid-19, we can help.

Our objective is to assist you to ensure the survival, growth and sustainability of your centers and devotee communities impacted by COVID-19. It is never too late to develop a focused action plan that will ensure we emerge from this disruption as a stronger ISKCON.

We will listen to your situation and help you come up with a clear, customized plan. We envision three general stages a plan would include:

·        Stage 1 – Survival (Immediate Action Plan):  This is aimed at helping you to survive the current crisis and its impact on your centers and devotee communities.  We will assist you to make sense of COVID-19 and how it impacts your centers and devotee communities. The goal is to identify your major risks and develop solutions and a plan of action to ensure survival.

·        Stage 2 – Reposition (Short term Plan): What you determine to be key ways forward in your yatra in the short term, once immediate crises are dealt with?   Once your major crises are controlled and your centers stabilized, we will then help you determine what strategies should be adopted and actioned in the short term to stay relevant to the mission. Example, how to continue preaching during COVID-19? etc.  

·        Stage 3 – Transform, Post COVID-19: Help you envision dynamic ways forward in an ISKCON and world that may be quite different than what we have been experiencing.   We will assist you with post COVID-19 Strategic Planning exploring what you need to change to be relevant and relatable in a changing world, what strategies and new programme you need to implement and a practical plan for implementation to ensure the long term sustainability and growth of your centers and devotee communities.

The Strategic Planning Support (SPS) unit consist of long-standing devotees with both devotional and secular experience. They have served as National Council members, Directors, Temple Presidents, and more.

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Strategic Planning Support (a unit of the GBC Strategic Planning Team)