(courtesy of Dandavats.com)

By Dharmatma das ACBSP

Another wonderful exemplary Vaishnava has left us to be with his worshipful Lordships in the Spiritual World.

Bhuvanesvara prabhu has been serving Them in Vrindavan for 35 years and was such an inspiring soul. His sadhana was impeccable, he religiously cooked the Raj Bhoga offering daily, he led kirtan (whose heart could not be moved by his sweet and melodious chanting early in the morning before Mangala Arotik.) He was always was there for Tulasi Puja, Guru Puja, gave classes, and also led Kirtans in the evening.

He had a great sense of humor and wit. Knowing how fallen I was, he would ask if I had gotten any more wives and one time said to my wife, “Are you still with this guy!” He always said to me, “Come and live in Vrindavan.” When you were in his association it wasn’t hard to see your own shortcomings. But he was always sweet and encouraging and would always glorify Sri Sri Radha Syamasundar, Krishna Balarama and Gaura Nitai, and boy, was he a dedicated Prabhupada man!

He had no desire for profit. adoration or distinction. Didn’t really like his picture taken. Had few possessions and no desire except for Devotional Service.

A few times I brought him real good winter socks and he said, I’ve already got some. He probably would have been happier if I brought Ghee for cooking his offerings. During one visit he asked me to read Krishna Book and have lunch with him. My flickering mind thought for a second, hmm! Loi Bazar, Gosvami Temples, MVT Restaurant, socializing with friends, etc., but thankfully, Krishna gave me a slap and I excitedly, said, “Yes, I would love to!” Reading in his association and honoring Krishna Balarama’s Raj Bhoga offering, personally cooked by Bhuvanesvara prabhu was truly a transcendental experience. I will miss him terribly as will so many devotees worldwide.