Bhoomi Puja on the land where Krishna’s Home will be located

(from ISKCON News)

On March 7th, 2021 a puja was held at the site of the new Krishna’s Home, a devotee-centered Adult Care / Assisted Living Haven for ISKCON Devotees. Krishna’s Home ACT is being constructed into a ten-bed assisted living facility. It was designed with Vastu Vedic alignment in mind, with one area of the large house designated for men and another for women’s personal space,  bedrooms, and bathrooms. People will gather in the spacious living room and dining room, which also has a separate space for worship. Construction on the project is set to begin immediately.

Krishna’s Home is a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for devotees in a Krishna Conscious environment as they enter their later years of life. Krishna’s Home is sorely needed right now. Srila Prabhupada’s mission has always valued devotees, and Krishna’s Home will serve as an extended Ashram to continue serving devotees. Krishna’s Home will offer 24 hour assisted living care for up to 10 devotees at a time. 

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