Yesterday night Pankajanghri prabhu was able to maintain good oxygen  saturation with lesser oxygen support . He didn’t need the BiPAP machine last night, as he did for the previous nights. 

The servants, under the direction of the doctors were putting him in different positions to sleep to help his lungs, doing frequent chest physiotherapy, nebulisations and continuing the different medications.

A repeat Covid test came negative today, and showed reasonable antibody levels, meaning his body is able to fight the viral Covid infection. 

The blood parameters which are indications of inflammation are also coming down, showing improvement. 

The doctors still have some  concerns about the lungs and will do an ultrasound of the chest today.

We are grateful for all the prayers of the devotees, but we still request you to please continue praying so that HG Pankajanghri prabhu can come back to Sri Dham Mayapur and no new complications may arise as an obstacle to this.

Your servants,

Mayapur Co-Directors and Health Team