Pankajanghri prabhu is stable.

His breathing rate is a bit better than the previous days, though there are still fluctuations sometimes. Over the next few days, the doctors are going to try to see if Pankajanghri prabhu can maintain optimal oxygen saturation with lesser oxygen flow.

Today a feeding tube was inserted through the nose, because every time the BiPAP mask was being removed to feed him, the oxygen saturation was dropping.

This will enable him to take his medications (Ayurvedic and allopathic) and prasadam better.

The platelet count is still low. The reason for this is still being investigated and some reports are pending.

Pankajanghri prabhu is being able to rest well in Mayapur, which is  much needed for his recovery.

We are hopeful that by the prayers of the devotees and the mercy of Lord Nrisimhadev, Pankajanghri prabhu will be able to recover and go back to his services. We request you all to please  continue praying, doing extra japa and holding kirtans for him.

Your servants,

Mayapur Co-Directors and Health Team

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