Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The SPS, a unit of the GBC Strategic Planning Team, is offering a Temple Re-opening Guide to support our leaders in their efforts to re-open their temples.
The team recognises that our temples vary globally, and a standardised solution will not work. Therefore what is being presented is a high-level guideline, which may apply to most temples with scope for local customisations. A temple may use this resource by selecting only those aspects which are applicable to their situation.fuckingpornfreefuckingpornfreefuckingpornfreefuckingpornfree

The re-opening guide includes guidelines, recommendations, a re-opening tool and tracker.

Should you require assistance with your temple re-opening plan or strategizing on how to deal with the current and future challenges you face due to Covid-19, we can help.

We welcome any inputs, observations and feedback you may have.

Your servants,
Strategic Planning Support
a unit of the GBC Strategic Planning Team

Contact the SPS at:
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