(courtesy of Dandavats.com)

durlabha manava janama sat-sange taroho e bhava-sindhu

Human life is extraordinarily rare, and the rarest, most precious blessing in life is the association of devotees. Lord Caitanya revealed his own heart when he exclaimed that all the wealth in Brahma’s creation cannot equal the value of one sincere devotee.

Caring for devotees is perhaps the most important responsibility we have. When we create an atmosphere where devotees feel loved, valued, and encouraged, we can empower them to cross over the inevitable obstacles on the path of bhakti and experience happiness on the spiritual platform.

In relation to devotee care, Srila Prabhupada said that he had shed buckets of blood to bring each devotee to our movement. He expected our leadership to recognize his sacrifice by creating a Vaikuntha atmosphere, a family of Vaisnavas where respect, affection, and a desire to serve each other is in the forefront, and the motive behind all of our efforts. A “movement that is so satisfying that no one will want to be anywhere else. We should ensure, as far as possible, that every devotee is educated in the teachings and culture of Srila Prabhupada and our parampara and given the tools to follow the path through all phases of life. Our joy should be to see each devotee developing Vaisnava character while enthusiastic in devotional service. When a devotee is weak, is having difficulty, or in a spiritual crisis, the Vaisnava family should be there to uplift and restore their strength and enthusiasm.

Selfless service to each other, with Krishna in the center, creates trust. Trust nourishes love. Loving relations in Srila Prabhupada’s service is the string that binds all of us together on the necklace of bhakti. The Devotee Care sangam is dedicated to helping keep our spiritual family focused on this sacred blessing. Let us unite on this higher principle and attract the world to the beauty of Krishna.