Hare Krishna.
Dandavat pranam

The mobile application ‘Vrinda‘ is being launched in the Damodara month. Using this app, users can book registered local teams for doing Kirtan at their place.
It can take the Damodara Program to an extraordinary level.

It solves two main problems:
1. It gives an easy way for someone in your city to request Kirtan/class at his place on any special days.
2. It eliminates overhead from the temple coordinator to find a team to perform such events when they get requests.

A team of almost 8 people has worked for more than a year to bring out this app. You can check this app on google play store using the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kirtan.app

Temples interested in using this in their cities can complete this google form: https://bit.ly/vrindaapp

Based on temple requests the local admin rights will be assigned to a designated local person, who can then accept requests to approve the local teams.

For any queries write to: reachtovrinda@gmail.com

Your servant,
Toshan Nimai Das