HH Radhanath Swami and HG Sesa Prabhu will be the keynote speakers for the event this year. Among other things, devotee attorneys like Champakalata Devi from South Africa, Madhavi Devi from UK, Govinda Dev Prabhu from the US and Akshay Ramachandra Prabhu from Mayapur, will be presenting on important areas of law that impact ISKCON. There will also be interactive sessions in between and, of course, sweet kirtan.

The Conference, organized by the ISKCON Law Department, is aimed, among other things, at gathering devotee attorneys from around the globe as well as the devotees who are and have been dealing with legal issues in ISKCON to collaborate and share best practices and experiences on how to utilise principles of law to protect and grow ISKCON.

If you are an attorney or if your service involves you in legal issues, please consider registering and participating in this event.

Your servants,
Devakinandan Das
ISKCON General Counsel

ISKCON Law Conference Committee Team
Govinda Dev Das, Kumari Kunti, Devansh, Evelina


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